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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

HPE Comware packet capture

How to activate and use built-in packet capture on HPE Comware switches

In every firmware upgrade file, you probably found a feature image package:

After upgrading to the required image version, login into the switch and run the following command:

install activate feature flash:/5130ei-cmw710-packet-capture-r3208p10.bin slot 1

You should see the following output:

<HPE-5130-EI>install activate feature flash:/5130ei-cmw710-packet-capture-r3208p10.bin slot 1
Verifying the file flash:/5130ei-cmw710-packet-capture-r3208p10.bin on slot 1.....Done.
Identifying the upgrade methods....Done.
Upgrade summary according to following table:

  Running Version             New Version        
  None                        Release 3208P10   

  Slot                        Upgrade Way       
  1                           Service Upgrade   
Upgrading software images to compatible versions. Continue? [Y/N]:y
This operation might take several minutes, please wait..................Done.

Then do install commit:

<HPE-5130-EI>install commit
This operation will take several minutes, please wait........................Done.

Check that the feature package is activated:

<HPE-5130-EI>show install active
Active packages on slot 1:

Then reboot the switch:

Start to check configuration with next startup configuration file, please wait.........DONE!
This command will reboot the device. Continue? [Y/N]:y

After the switch reloads, you can start using the built-in packet capture:

<HPE-5130-EI>packet-capture interface Ten-GigabitEthernet 1/0/52 ?
  autostop               Specify the autostop criteria for packet capture
  brief                  Brief information
  capture-filter         Specify a filter rule for packet capture
  capture-ring-buffer    Specify the criteria for saving captured frames to a
                         new capture file
  display-filter         Specify a filter rule for displaying captured frames
  limit-captured-frames  Specify the maximum number of captured frames
  limit-frame-size       Specify the maximum size of a frame to be captured
  raw                    Display the packet data in hexadecimal format
  verbose                Detailed information
  write                  Specify the directory for saving captured frames

<HPE-5130-EI>packet-capture interface Ten-GigabitEthernet 1/0/52


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  3. Note that it will only capture packets that are forwarded to the CPU backplane. So you will see things like ARP, PING, Routing, etc. but not Unicast transit traffic. To see that you need to do some qos configuration commands to forward an ACL matching traffic to the management backplane.

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