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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fortigate password recovery/reset

  • Works for all models
  • Only after hard power cycle
  • Only during first 15-30 seconds
  • Only via hardware console port

  1. Connect to device using console
  2. Reboot the device
  3. Login with username: maintainer
  4. Password: bcpb+<DEVICE_SERIAL> for example: bcpbFG140P2G14500013
  5. Take note that after the reboot you have only 15 seconds to login

Output sample:

FortiGate-140D-POE (18:47-05.30.2013)
Serial number:FG140P2G14500013
RAM activation
CPU(00:000106ca bfebfbff): MP initialization
CPU(01:000106ca bfebfbff): MP initialization
CPU(02:000106ca bfebfbff): MP initialization
CPU(03:000106ca bfebfbff): MP initialization
Total RAM: 4096MB
Enabling cache...Done.
Scanning PCI bus...Done.
Allocating PCI resources...Done.
Enabling PCI resources...Done.
Zeroing IRQ settings...Done.
Verifying PIRQ tables...Done.
Boot up, boot device capacity: 1910MB.
Press any key to display configuration menu...

Reading boot image 1481398 bytes.
Initializing firewall...
System is starting...

FGT login: maintainer
Password: ********************
Welcome !

FGT# execute factoryreset
This operation will reset the system to factory default!
Do you want to continue? (y/n)y

System is resetting to factory default...

The system is going down NOW !!

For security reasons maintainer can be disabled in the following manner:
config sys global
set admin-maintainer disable

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