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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fortigate DHCP Reservation

The following configuration require FortiOS 5.x.

CLI Configuration

Enter system DHCP server configuration:

FGT # config system dhcp server
FGT (server) # edit 1
FGT (1) # config reserved-address
FGT (reserved-address) #

Choose 1 or any other number according to your DHCP pools for the different interfaces.

For each client reservation use the following syntax with different number:

edit 1
set ip
set mac 01:65:ed:23:ba:e5
set description WIRELESS-AP

Please note that the reserved IP must be within the DHCP scope.

Web GUI Configuration

Go to System -> Monitor -> DHCP Monitor and Right click on the device:

 Type the desired reserved IP and comment and click OK:


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