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Monday, March 9, 2015

Microsoft Windows NAP for Cisco WLC management access

Configuring Cisco WLC using RADIUS (Microsoft NAP) for management access.
In the following example I’m using Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and it’s the same for Windows 2012, for using NAP (Network Access Policy) server to authenticate users for management access to Cisco WLC.

First let’s configure the WLC as RADIUS client:

Open the NAP console

Press the ‘+’ sign near to RADIUS clients and Servers

Right click on RADIUS Clients and select New

Type in the name of the WLC in Friendly name

Type in the WLC IP address

Select manual shared secret and type in the desired shard secret and confirm it

Click on the Advanced tab and select RADIUS Standard, to finish click OK

Now let’s configure the Policy:

Open the NAP console

Press the ‘+’ sign near to Policies and select Network Policies

Right click on Network Policies and select New

The New Network Policy wizard will appear, type in the policy name

Click next

Click on Windows Groups and add the required group

Click add and select NAS Identifier and enter the WLC hostname

Click next

Select Access granted and click next

Uncheck all and select only Unencrypted authentication (PAP, SPAP) and click next

Under constraints we can choose idle timeout, day and time restrictions or we can just can click next

Under RADIUS attributes->Standard remove Framed-Protocol and change Service-Type to Administrative.

Click on Encryption, uncheck all and check only No Encryption
Click next and then Finish

Now let’s configure the NAP as RADIUS server on the WLC

Login into the WLC

Click on Security->RADIUS->Authentication and click New

Type in the NAP IP address

Type in the shared secret and confirm it

Make sure the Management checkbox is checked
Click apply

Select Security->Priority Order->Management User, add RADIUS to Order Used for Authentication and make sure it’s before LOCAL

Click Apply

That’s it, Logout from the WLC and login again with your domain account.

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