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Thursday, November 20, 2014

PRTG Factory Sensor

PRTG factory sensor allow us to create a special sensor with data driven from other sensors.

For example:

I want to calculate (sum) all incoming/outgoing traffic from all Cisco ASA physical interfaces.

Here are the steps:
     1.       Write down all interfaces sensor ID, it’s listed on the overview tab:

     2.       Choose the correct channel ID for traffic in, out or total and write down the channel ID number (0,-1,1)

     3.       Add new sensor to the device and choose Sensor Factory:

     4.       Type the following formula with the values you have collected in step 1 and 2:


The sensor I have just created in this example will calculate sum of traffic out (channel ID value is 1) for all 3 sensors (2558, 2560 and 2550).

There are many operators and formulas we can use for creating factory sensors, for more information:

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