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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cisco ASA URL Filtering [ASDM]

In this post i will show how to configure Cisco ASA to do URL filtering without need of server or websense appliance.

The process involve in 5 steps:
1. Configure RegExp for the domain/FQDN you wish to allow/block
2. Configure RegExp class map to group two or more RegExp
3. Set HTTP class map
4. Set HTTP inspection map
5. Configure Service Policy Rule

Let's start:

1. Got to Configuration > Firewall > Objects > Regular Expressions:

2. Click add to configure regular expression for the domain\FQDN you like to allow block, in my example i used and

Then below click on add to create regular expression class, add the two newly created RegExp to this class:

3. Go to Configuration > Firewall > Objects > Class Maps > HTTP, configure new HTTP class map:

Set the criterion to Request Header Field, choose predefined field host and choose the RegExp class map.

4. Go to Configuration > Firewall > Objects > Inspect Maps > HTTP, configure new HTTP inspect map:

Choose the HTTP class map you just created, set the action and log options.

5. Go to Configuration > Firewall > Service Policy Rules, choose the relevant interface clikc on insert to add new rule:


click on configure:

Finally click on apply and there you go...

CLI configuration:

regex Cisco "\.cisco\.com"
regex Microsoft "\.microsoft\.com"
class-map type regex match-any RE_CLASS
 description Regular Expression Class
 match regex Cisco
 match regex Microsoft
class-map type inspect http match-all HTTP_CLASS_MAP
 match request header host regex class RE_CLASS
policy-map type inspect http HTTP_INSPECT_MAP
  protocol-violation action drop-connection
  drop-connection log
policy-map PM_ICMP
 class CM_ICMP
  inspect icmp
  inspect http HTTP_INSPECT_MAP
service-policy PM_ICMP interface INSIDE100
 Next post how to block file types.


  1. I have some questions about your configuration via asdm.
    1. For you make this process you need to create a domain ?
    2. The interface name that you configure regex is INSIDE 100 ?
    3. When i configure same that you in asdm I try to go to te page that i block in a laptop thas is running asdm and is conected to the inside interface number one. But i can go to the page normal ussually.