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Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to reset Fortigate admin password

     1.       Make sure the firewall is turned off

     2.       Connect to the firewall via the Console port.

     3.       Launch PuTTY and use the following settings:
   Baud 9600
   Data Bits: 8
   Stop Bits: 1
   Parity: None
   Flow Control: Off
     4.       Power on the firewall
     5.       Type in the username: maintainer

  6.  Type in the password, which combine from the word ‘bcpb’ and the serial of the unit.
    Example: bcpbFG200B8912672469

     7.       The login try should be within 20 seconds from the moment the login prompt appear,    
            else reboot the unit and try over.

     8.       Type: config system admin
     9.       Type: edit admin
     10.   Type: set password <NEW_PASSWORD>

     11.   Type: end

     12.   Logout and try login again

If you want to reset the unit to factory default type the command: exec factoryreset

Note that this will reset also the admin password which will revert to default setting without password.

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