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Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to do packet capture in Radware AppDirector

Here is a simple example how to do packet capture in Radware AppDirector appliance in order to diasgnose and troubelshoot were needed. 
1.       Go to Classes->Modify and choose one of the parameters which you like to use as filter, in my example I will use Networks.

Click Create to configure new network

2.       Configure new network/host for use as a filter:

3.       Go to Classes->Update Policies and click on Set to apply the changes you have just made

4.       Go to Services->Diagnostic->Policies

5.       Click on Create to configure new diagnostic policy:


While configuring diagnostic policy we can use any parameter to filter or limit the packet capture (SRC, DST, TOS, INTF, VLAN etc.) note that in the following policy I have defined destination host (which we configured in step 2) and limit the number of captured packet to 150.

6.       Go to Services->Diagnostic->Capture->Parameters

7.       Choose Enabled in Status drop-box and click Set to start capture.

Warning - diagnostic tools may cause severe performance degradation.

Always use in caution and limit the capture using filters.

8.       Click on Files or go to Services->Diagnostics->Files to access the captured files
Click on download to save the files on your local PC and use Wireshark to view the content of the file.

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    network selected here is vip or physical server ip