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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dell PowerConnect suspended interface

When working with Dell PowerConnect switch you may encounter a situation where a port transit into suspend mode, due to spanning-tree bpduguard for example, and it's quite similar to err-disable which can be found in Cisco switches.

SW-DELL# sh interfaces status ethernet g36
                                             Flow Link          Back   Mdix
Port     Type         Duplex  Speed Neg      ctrl State       Pressure Mode
-------- ------------ ------  ----- -------- ---- ----------- -------- -------
g36      1G-Copper      --      --     --     --  Down*          --     --   

*: The interface was suspended by the system.

and the corresponding log message:

SW-DELL# sh log
Logging is enabled.
Console Logging: Level error. Console Messages: 436 Dropped.
Buffer Logging: Level debug. Buffer Messages: 200 Logged, 200 Displayed, 200 Max.
File Logging: Level error. File Messages: 24 Logged, 451 Dropped.
SysLog server Port: 514. Logging: error. Messages: 229 Dropped.
4 messages were not logged

Application filtering control
Application                 Event                       Status
--------------------        --------------------        ---------
AAA                         Login                       Enabled
File system                 Copy                        Enabled
File system                 Delete-Rename               Enabled
Management ACL              Deny                        Enabled

21-Feb-2013 02:11:11 :%LINK-I-Up:  g36
21-Feb-2013 02:10:33 :%LINK-W-Down:  g36
21-Feb-2013 02:10:33 :%STP-W-BPDUGRDPRTSUS: g36 suspend by BPDU guard.
21-Feb-2013 02:10:32 :%LINK-I-Up:  g36

after fixing the bpduguard issue i had to recover the port from his state, this can be done using the command:

set interface active

Use the set interface up Privileged EXEC Mode command to reactivate an interface suspended by the system.


set interface active {ethernet interface | port-channel port-channel-number}
    • interface—An ethernet port. The full syntax is: unit/port.
    • port-channel-number—A port-channel index.