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Monday, June 25, 2012

How to mark DSCP on Check Point R7x

    The following post will show how to mark IP packets with DSCP, in Check Point R7x platform (in my case SPLAT R75.4). DSCP marking will allow us to use PHB QoS and to apply congestion avoidance.

      1.       Create Class of service under Manage (A) ->QoS (B) ->QoS Classes (C)

      2.       On the opened window press New… and choose DiffServ Class of Service

      3.       Type in a desired name for the class of service, enter comment and choose color then select the type of the service

      4.       Click on Close to close the window

      5.       Click the QoS tab (A) then right click on Default (B) and choose Add Class of Service->Above (C)

      6.       Choose the Class of Service we have just created at step 3

      7.       Right click on the new Class of Service (A) and choose Add Rule Below (B)

      8.       Give the rule a name

      9.       Create rules like and other firewall rules

      10.  Install the policy 


  1. Thanks for sharing it through the pictures as it become more easy to understand the concept and reach easily to the people.

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