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Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to upgrade Juniper EX4200 switch software

      1.       Format DOK (disk-on-key), with enough space, to FAT32
      2.       Copy the software image (jinstall-ex-4200-11.3R2.4-domestic-signed.tgz)  into the DOK
      3.       Plug the DOK into the USB port of the switch in the backside
      4.       Enter shell mode [you will need root password]
user@switch> start shell
% su

       5.       Mount the DOK
mount_msdosfs /dev/da1s1 /mnt

       6.        Copy the image file to temporary directory
cp /mnt/ jinstall-ex-4200-11.3R2.4-domestic-signed.tgz /var/tmp

       7.       Return to operational mode

       8.       Start upgrade process
request system software add /var/tmp/ jinstall-ex-4200-11.3R2.4-domestic-signed.tgz

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