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Monday, October 11, 2010

Backup your Life! NOW!

A quite excite headline for this kind of post, but it has to be, due to my last encounter with a laptop of a friend of mine...

We are using a lot of digital information more and more each day, every typical average computer user has files he should keep from harm, starts from documents and excel sheets, which he waste a lot of time to create, through pictures and videos from the latest super mega pixel HD camera up to music collections, pdf books and much more.

Last week one of my friend's has brought me her laptop after he starts to show her "no bootable device found" messages. The laptop, Dell Inspirion 1525, holds 160GB of HDD which can contain quite some of files and digital information. At first she didn't realize the true meaning of losing the disk, she thought that few courses and summaries, from her studies, has gone and that's all! as time pass by she realize that all her photos, music collections, e-mails and much more has lost and she wouldn't have them anymore!!!

Me for example has got more then 2TB of digital information which i care about, so for my opinion, every one should have a backup plan which he accomplish in order to keep his digital "life" safe.

In order to form a home backup plan you first have to answer some crucial questions:
1. Which data should i backup? Which files i can't stand the loss?
2. What is the importance of each one of them? (and I'm not talking about each file rather grouping files into groups)
3. What type of backup should i implement? easy to use, online, one-to-one backup (which can be expansive!) or responsible monthly copy of files?

Later on i will explain my way to home backup plan.

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